Main prices


$ 30

This haircut offers a classic and timeless style, with clean lines and precise layers, resulting in a polished and sophisticated appearance.

Haircut + Beard

$ 50 $ 35

The haircut and beard combo strikes the perfect balance between a sharp, tailored haircut and a well-maintained beard, exuding a sense of refined masculinity and contemporary elegance.


$ 20

The beard is a well-groomed and full-bodied masterpiece, the beard adds an air of rugged sophistication, enhancing the wearer’s facial features and exuding confidence.

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Other Services

Shape up – $20

Get a clean and defined hairline with our shapeup service, where our skilled barbers use precise techniques to create polished edges, adding a touch of style to your haircut.

Timeless Cuts for Seniors – $23

A distinguished haircut for senior gentlemen exudes timeless charm, with clean lines and a tailored style that enhances maturity and sophistication. The carefully crafted cut balances a classic look with modern touches, ensuring a confident and distinguished appearance that suits the refined taste of our distinguished clientele.

Kids Haircut – $25

Step into a world of playful style with our kids’ haircut, where imagination meets impeccable grooming. Our skilled stylists create adorable and age-appropriate cuts that capture the essence of childhood, leaving your little one looking adorable and ready for any adventure.

Mr. Clean Combo – $50

Indulge in the ultimate grooming experience with our Mr. Clean Combo, a luxurious treat for the modern man. Immerse yourself in relaxation as our expert barbers provide a refreshing hot lather head and face shave, expertly executed with precision and care. Feel the soothing warmth of a hot towel as it opens up your pores, leaving your skin rejuvenated and smooth, while achieving a clean-shaven look that exudes confidence. Elevate your grooming routine and embrace the Mr. Clean Combo for an impeccable, refreshed appearance that will turn heads wherever you go.

  • Hair wash – ADD $5